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  • "John Lennon 'was bulimic' and suffered from food fetishes and obsessions"

    March 6, 2012

  • "A blockbuster new book has lifted the lid on the life of the late John Lennon"

    March 5, 2012


"Adam Levine got it wrong. 'Moves Like Jagger' should have
been titled 'Cheap Like Jagger'."
  -Frank DiGiacomo, February 20, 2012
"The idea that a once-drug-addled, orgie-friendly '70s libertine
is a closet conservative has captured the media's imagination for years."
"Rolling Stones lead singer begged ex-wife to wear a bra during
visit from his mom."
"Mick Jagger: Closet Conservative With an Affinity for Soft-Boiled Eggs."

More About the Book

Receiving worldwide media attention when it was released that John Lennon was bulimic and Mick Jagger, a closet conservative, BackStage Pass VIP has captured the curiosity and intrigue of the public by depicting rock icons in a radically different way. 

Backstage Pass VIP is unique because the author, as a young journalist, had rare total access to The Rolling Stones, traveling with them on tour in the 1980’s.  She also interviewed dozens of influencers from all areas of the music business: other stars, studio musicians, sidemen, music producers, executives, their wives and girlfriends, and assistants. It provides the full picture – unlike memoirs that tend to be self-serving – this book respects the reader and the music lover. 

BackStage Pass VIP delivers many surprises and details about the human side of music icons. It is a provocative and controversial look at Mick Jagger, John Lennon, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Elvis, Buddy Holly and dozens of other rock and roll legends (and their marriages) from the 1950’s through the 1980’s with unusual, new facts. 

It also shares the rivalries and insecurities of the world’s greatest guitar players.

The book has a 21st century perspective. It is written to provoke reader dialogue across all media platforms – with the reader encouraged to offer reviews and opinions as part of the unfolding, true stories.

BackStage Pass VIP goes behind the Oz-like curtain to shed new light on icons with fascinating revelations and deeper insights. Mick Jagger is portrayed as a man obsessed with money and begging his wife Bianca to put on a brassiere before his mother arrived for tea and biscuits. It describes John Lennon as a passive-aggressive capitalist with a tormenting psychological eating disorder. The book also looks at music idols Jagger and Lennon as the first great wave of young people to have wealth and influence – enabling the reader to compare them to technology moguls like Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. It is the true never-before-told stories of powerful music influencers and the privilege and pain of celebrity. There is humor and there is passion. It is written in a fast-paced, literary style by a detailed-oriented journalist. At its core the book is about how human beings cope in extraordinary circumstances during times of great change – not unlike today.

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About the Author

Debra Sharon Davis is a pop culture trend expert and historian. She has a BA in journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia and is a member of The Writers’ Guild of America, West, PEN USA and the Center For Fiction.

Debra is the founder, President and CEO of Davis Communications Group, Inc. She also runs The Davis Group. Debra is a leading marketing, branding and communications strategist who has worked with the leaders of many Fortune 500 companies, successful Silicon Valley startups, venture capital, and private equity firms.

The core specialty of Debra’s 18-year-old company is studying the pulse of pop culture trends to educate new markets.

The Davis Group is a discreet boutique which operates its own virtual Think Tank of experts and investigative reporters to help prognosticate the future.

Debra approaches all business as a storyteller. “The narrative is the epicenter of all success. We are how we process the world.”

Debra resides in the Los Angeles area and is the proud mother of two daughters.